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The security of your information is extremely important to us. We take extensive steps to look after our security. Sadly we are in a world where there is always someone who wants to spoil it for everyone, so we proactively assess, update and test our security services and policies.


We use SSL encryption when registering on our API or buying on our store. All information communicated to eBay from our API is also done through SSL connection.

Encrypting Data

When we send information to your eBay store it is encrypted using our encryption algorithm and is extremely safe. When you install your OpenBay Pro module you are given multiple security keys which are unique to your account.

Your data and us

We will never sell your email address or other details to 3rd parties, ever!

Password protection

Passwords are encrypted using one-way encryption, this means that we will never be able to see the password.

Server security

Although NONE of our servers store ANY credit card information we still take the same steps to ensure that our servers are PCI compliant - we even have PCI compliance certificates for them, even though we don't need it! PCI compliance is only a bench mark, and varies depending on the ASV - but we have additional steps that we take to further increase the security (but we're pretty hush hush about that!). Access to our servers is also restricted to key members of staff.

Data protection

If you ever call or email us we may ask for additional information so we can identify you correctly to a satisfactory level.