OpenBay Pro

Updating OpenBay Pro

To update your OpenBay Pro module for OpenCart follow the instructions below. There are two options; using the built-in update system or updating manually (through FTP - see below).

We can also offer a paid update service if you would like us to perform this service for you. Click here for the paid update service.

How to use the update feature built in to the module

The OpenBay module has a great feature built direct into it for updating.

Go to OpenBay Pro > Manage Under the Update tab, enter your FTP details. Click Test Connection. This will check for your OpenCart folders and if it is ok then you will be given the Update button, press this. You can also press the save button - this will store your FTP details in your database to allow quicker updating next time. If you have recently downloaded OpenBay then you may already be up to date, however, updates are being released all of the time and include new features. You can read the change log here.

Important! We DO NOT see or receive your FTP details; they are never transmitted to our API. This is for security.

Update tab

The update tab is where you can enter your FTP details to allow for quick updating of the OpenBay Pro module. Please note that not all hosting providers will allow you to use the PHP FTP functions that are required to use this option. If this is the case you will need to update the module using the manual method.

FTP username: This is the username that you would normally use if you log in through FTP (programs like FileZilla or Cyberduck).

FTP password: Same as above but this is the password that you use.

FTP server address: This is either an IP address (like or a domain name (like - you will have been supplied this along with your login details from your hosting provider.

FTP path on the server: The path is the just the folders that you would normally click through when you log in to FTP to get to where the store is installed, for example on a cPanel host it would just be “public_html”.

Admin directory: Some users rename the admin folder in OpenCart for security, if you have changed the folder name then you should also change it here. Please note that you still need to modify the vQmod files manually to match your folder.

Use passive FTP: If your server is having problems transferring the files, choose this option.

Use beta release: Only use this option if you have been advised to do so - this may break your store if you use it without instruction.

Updating OpenBay Pro manually - through FTP

Backup your files and database

Log in to your OpenBay Pro account (click here).

Select your OpenCart version from the list.

Click the Download button.

Unzip the downloaded folder.

Login to an FTP client such as Filezilla (available for Mac and PC) - you can download FileZilla from here.

You will need your server address, username, and password to access your hosting FTP directory.

Connect to your server and navigate to your OpenCart main directory (this contains your admin, catalog and system folders).

Drag the contents of everything inside the 'upload' folder (admin, catalog, system, etc) to the OpenCart directory in your FTP program - making sure to overwrite contents when prompted.

When the download is complete, run the manual update patch - from your website go to Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Dashboard, Manage button, Patch tab, and click the Patch button (a message box should appear stating the 'Patch has been applied').

You should now see, from Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Dashboard, that you have the latest version of OpenBay Pro.