OpenBay Pro

Amazon Dashboard

To get to the Amazon Dashboard go to Extensions > OpenBay Pro > click on Amazon


Here you will be able to see an overview of the Amazon functions.

  • Settings - you can edit the settings including your API details, listing and order settings.
  • My Account - see the current plan you are using.
  • Item Links - check to see which items are linked to Amazon.
  • Bulk Linking -Bulk link your items to Amazon
  • Bulk Listing - Bulk list your items to Amazon
  • Stock Updates - Overview of the stock updates
  • Saved Listings - view saved listings


Orders are imported twice a day on average, they are not instant like with eBay. Imported Amazon orders will update OpenCart, which will then subsequently eBay/etsy if you have them linked. When viewing an order on OpenCart, you can see in the store name which marketplace it was purchased from, allowing you to monitor your sales on each linked marketplace.