OpenBay Pro

Bulk Listing

When navigating to Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Amazon > Bulk Listing this sections allows you to list your items to Amazon in bulk.

You can list products from your inventory which already exist on Amazon's catalogue. At the moment, only products without option variants are supported. First, you need to make sure that products you want to list have ISBN, EAN, UPC or JAN ID - that ID is used to match your product against an existing listing.

To select products you want to list on Amazon, go to Extensions -> OpenBay Pro -> Dashboard -> Amazon EU -> Bulk listing and tick the check boxes next to the products

Selecting products

and click Search at the top. It will take a couple of minutes before listings matching your products are found. When the results are available, you will have to choose which listing you want your product to match up against. If none of returned results are correct just select do not list value and the product will not be listed.

Selecting results

When you are finished, click List button at the top to send your products for processing. You can check the status of the new listing on the OpenBay Pro's Manage Items page