OpenBay Pro

My Account

When navigating to Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Amazon > My account this sections allows you to view current details and to change your subscription plan if needed.

Current Plan

  • Merchant id : This will show your merchant id that you used when signing up for your account. If you need to change this click '[Change]'.
  • Account Status : This shows if you account is active or inactive.
  • Name - This is the name of your plan.
  • Description - This gives you a brief description of your plan.
  • Order import frequency - This shows the import frequency of orders depending on what plan you have.
  • New product listings per month - This will show how many listings you have per month, this will be dependant on what plan you have.
  • Product Listings remaining - This will show you how many listings you have remaining on your account.
  • Products being processed - This will show a number of how many products are being processed to Amazon.
  • Bulk listing - This will show if bulk listing is allowed on your account .
  • Price - This will show how much your plan is per month.

Change Plans

Here you will see a list of the current plans we offer. It will show information about the plans including order import frequency, new product listings per month and much more. If you need to change your plan then you can click the 'change plan' button.