OpenBay Pro

Registration problems

If you have any problems during registration you may find some answers and solutions below. If you are unable to resolve the problem please create a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

Email already registered

When you see this message it means that we already have an account registered for your email address. Should you need to register a second website / domain name you must use another unique email address.

If you have lost your API details, you can register on using the same email address you signed up with and you will be able to view your API details. For more on what you can do on the account site, click here

Check your email is valid

Your email must be valid to register on the API. Check that it is valid and working.

Merchant ID already registered

If you have already registered on our API you cannot create a new account - you must use the old one.

If your account is suspended, please contact us and we can activate it. Or if you upgrade to a paid plan it will automatically enable your account again.

Unable to get access to your Amazon account

You will see this error if your Merchant ID is incorrect or if you have not authorised OpenBay Pro in your Amazon account yet. Follow the authorisation process to learn how to allow the application access to your account.

You must agree to our user agreement before you can use our services

Our services are only available if you accept and agree to the terms and conditions.