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Listing with OpenStock

Existing Product on Amazon

To list a product that already exists on Amazon with variations, please follow the instructions on listing a new product on Amazon. This is because if you list an existing item on Amazon that has variants, you can only use one SKU at a time so the variations will not appear in a parent/child category.

New Product on Amazon

On the Amazon listing page (Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Manage Items) select the product you want to list and click the marketplace.

Click 'Create new product'

Vital Info

  • Item Name: Enter the name of your product
  • Brand Name: Enter the brand name here, this will help people find your product by searching for a specific brand
  • Item Package Quantity: Enter how many of the product comes in the package
  • EU Toys Safety Directive: Only applicable to toys. Chose an option from the dropdown menu which applicable to the product you are selling. In the next section choose the options in the drop down boxes that apply to you. Choose the language that the toy’s safety warnings are available in.
  • Browse Node: Allows you to choose where customers will find your product whilst navigating the Amazon site
  • Variation Theme: Choose an option from the dropdown menu of which variations your product has. if there are none, leave blank.

Variation Theme

  • Size: Enter all the sizes that your product comes in on individual lines
  • Color: Enter all the colours that your product comes in on individual lines
  • Click add variations and a yellow table should appear.
  • Seller SKU: Enter the variants SKU, this is the unique identifier for each product and allows OpenCart to link up with Amazon and update stock.
  • UPC or EAN: enter the variant’s barcode
  • Condition: Select the condition of your product.
  • Condition Note: If the product has something missing or is slightly damaged, enter the details here.
  • Your Price: Enter the price for your product.
  • Sale Price: If you are wanting to put the product on sale, chose a sale price, then below input the dates you want the sale to run from.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity of your product as 0 so when you link the items you can check that they have been linked.


  • Handling Time: Enter the number of days
  • Start Selling Date: You can chose when to start selling your product, this is useful for seasonal products such as Christmas Trees. If you want to start selling immediately leave this field blank
  • Gift Options: If you want to offer your product with gift wrap or a gift message, tick the appropriate field.
  • Restock Date: This is the amount of days that you will be able to send back orders to customers. Make sure to not exceed 30 days as the order will be automatically cancelled by Amazon.
  • Release Date: This is for products which haven’t been released yet but makes it possible for customers to pre-order.
  • Country Of Origin: If you know where the product was made, you can enter here.
  • Seller Warranty Description: Use this field to describe the warranty that is offered with this item.
  • Delivery Method: Here you can chose whether you handle the delivery or Amazon does.


  • Add an image for the product so customers can see what they are buying


  • Bullet Points: Enter key information about the product here so it is the first thing the customer sees when viewing the product
  • Product Description: Provide as much detail about the product as you can here so the customer knows everything about the product before buying


  • Search Terms: enter specific terms here that will help your products be seen by customer.

More details

  • Recommended Retail Price: shows customers how much the product is recommended to sell for compared to what you are selling it for
  • Fabric Type: List the fabrics and percentages
  • Special Size Type: Allows you to state whether the product comes in special sizes
  • Is Discontinued by Manufacturer: Tick this box if the product is no longer made
  • Product Dimensions: The size of the product on it’s own
  • Shipping Weight: How much the package will weigh when ready to be shipped
  • Department: Chose from the drop down menus which department the clothes belong in
  • Occasion Description: For clothing. Allows you to state which occasion this product suits
  • Launch Date: Chose a date you want this product to become available
  • Battery Section: This section allows you to input all the battery related information if your product requires/ has batteries
  • Color: If you have variations, leave this section blank.
  • Size: If you have variations, leave this section blank.

Once you have filled in the information, you can either list to Amazon or save the listing for later.