OpenBay Pro

Bulk order updates

This is available through the menu options Extensions > OpenBay Pro > Bulk order update

Here you can change the status of orders in bulk, regardless of what marketplace they are from.

Choose the orders that you would like to modify using the tick box on the left next to each order. Then choose the status that you would like to update to on the top right hand side and click the change status button next to it. This does not update the order yet. If any of the orders that you selected were already marked to the status you chose then they will not be displayed on the next section.

On the review page it will display the orders that you chose including the order number, current status, customer name, order channel, created date.

The additional info column will change depending on the order channel and status you chose. For example if you are changing the status to shipped, each marketplace may give you an option to choose the shipping method and add a tracking number or if you are refunding it may require a refund reason.

The comments and notify options are the same as the standard OpenCart order update system - allowing you to add a comment for the update that will be displayed in OpenCart order status table and the notify option will send an email to the user about the order update. You should not send updates to Amazon users as the email address that is supplied from Amazon is not the users actual email address, instead it is an auto generated email that goes back to the Amazon marketplace.

Once you have added all of the information that you need you can click the update button at the bottom. This will immediately update the orders and redirect you back to the order list page and display a count of the orders modified and the status they were changed to. If there are any errors on the page such as information that is required then the box will highlight red and a warning message will pop up and prevent you from submitting the form.

The bulk order update feature is free and can be used on standard OpenCart orders too without the need to install or register for any of the marketplaces.