OpenBay Pro

Store URL Not Responding

Our API constantly monitors all requests & responses to ensure that the information is being sent to your server correctly.

If you server fails to respond with the correct message after it is sent information we log this. After 48 concurrent hours of failed responses then your account becomes suspended.

The main causes for this are:

  • You have maintenance mode enabled on your store. You should NOT use this feature for more than 1 hour, it is designed for short periods when you are doing upgrades. Using it will ruin your SEO page rank and cause indexed pages in Google to be dropped.
  • Your server does not have CURL enabled. You should contact your host to get it enabled or try using a phpinfo() function to ensure its working.
  • Your server address is wrong. If you supplied an incorrect URL when you signed up the API will not be able to connect. Update your details
  • You have removed the OpenBay Pro module. Your account will be made in active, but you still need to cancel your subscription. To find out how, click here
  • If you registered your OpenBay Pro store URL without the www. but your store redirects to it with the www. included then you need to update your account. Update your details

Once you have resolved the issue please create a support ticket and one of the support staff will activate your account.