OpenBay Pro

Import Items

Important information about importing products

  • Importing items from eBay will import Buy It Now and Shop format items. It will NOT import auction products.
  • It will import the eBay categories of the products and build you a category structure in your store. It DOES NOT use your eBay Shop categories.
  • You can only import items on some of the paid plans, you cannot use the free plan and import products.
  • Turn off maintenance mode on your OpenCart store!
  • The yellow banners are NOT warnings - they are just messages about your server limits and they will always be shown
  • Before you import your items from eBay you should sync all of the settings with eBay.


  • In the eBay admin area click Synchronise
  • Update all available options in this area
  • In the eBay admin area click Import Orders (You should import all orders to ensure the stock is not adjusted for older orders)
  • Click the pull orders button and wait a few minutes for the orders to arrive
  • Now to import the items go to the Import items icon in the eBay admin area.
  • Choose your options and click Import


  • Check your Max POST size (max_post_size) is suitable (we suggest change to 256Mb)
  • Check your PHP memory limit is suitable (we suggest change to 512Mb or greater). Ensure that you reduce this again after your items have imported
  • Tick the box to include item descriptions if needed. Caution! This will import the HTML too, it will also take much longer to process and require a higher POST limit size and PHP memory limit.
  • Check that your limits are set in MB not GB
  • Importing will take a few hours. DO NOT click the import button again.
  • When setting any limits for memory or post size, only use a value in megabytes (m,M,Mb,MB). Kilobyte or Gigabyte values will not be recognised in the application.

Did your items fail to import?

  • Does your current plan support importing items?
  • Check that your store is NOT in maintenance mode
  • Check your post and memory limits
  • Check with your hosting provider that you can use PHP functions: mbstrings, gzlib, serialize
  • Some hosts have an extremely small Apache setting called "LimitRequestBody", this needs to match your max_post_size setting. Only your host can change this setting - it is not available through .htaccess or php.ini

If all else fails please raise a support ticket, but please be aware that we cannot control your hosting provider settings. If we find that your host is restricting your settings and they refuse to help you we are not responsible. Any good hosting provider will accommodate these needs, even if it is just short term during your import. "Cheap" hosting or providers that cram servers with thousands of domains will likely not help you - in this case we advise moving to a better host.

Data that is imported as standard

  • Title
  • Images
  • eBay category (If the create categories option is checked)
  • Current stock level on eBay
  • Manufacturer / brand (if available or set in eBay)
  • SKU code (if set in eBay)
  • Description (If "Import item descriptions" is checked)

On the later versions of OpenCart (1.5.6+) you also have an additional "advanced" import checkbox. This will import the following additional data

  • weight (and also create the weight class if it does not exist)
  • Parcel height, width and length (and also create the length class if it does not exist)
  • ISBN
  • EAN
  • UPC
  • MPN