OpenBay Pro

Settings tab

Application Settings

  • End items: If you would not like the application to end items for you automatically you can set this option to no. You will need to manually end the items. This CAN cause serious problems with overselling items if you have disabled this and forget to manually end the item. We suggest that this is always set to yes.

  • Relist when back in stock: If you have created an item or linked an item to a listing and the stock runs out the auction will end (depending on the setting above). If you choose to relist items when back in stock, when the stock level in OpenCart is greater than 0 the listing will be relisted based on the last listing options. The link will be automatically updated and you can then edit the item if needed.

  • Enable logging: Having logging enabled will help the support team resolve any issues. If you disable logging and require help we may not be able to offer effective support if there is no logs. We suggest that this is always set to yes.

  • Default currency: This is based on the currencies you have installed on your store (System > Localisation > Currencies). Whenever an order is imported or you create a listing this value is used to display the information on your admin area.

  • Customer group: When an order is created and the customer information is added to the database, you can choose to separate the customer and add them to a different group. The customer groups in this list are based on your customer groups setup in OpenCart (System > Users > User Groups)

  • Allocate stock: You can choose when you would like stock allocated in your OpenCart store. However we advise that this is always left to when the customer buys. If you enable “immediate payment required” on your listings then you can change this to when the customer pays. If you sell an item on eBay and the customer does not pay and another sale for that item happens the stock on eBay will be updated to represent your OpenCart stock. This can cause serious problems with over selling if the user decides to pay for the original item late.

  • New order age limit: When users first register for OpenBay Pro this setting should be set to no greater than 48 hours as this will import orders that may have already been processed and cause confusion. Once users have been using the system for over a month it can be changed to about 10 days to allow for a greater reliability with orders that are unpaid for an extended period of time.

  • Created date for orders: Orders that are imported from eBay may not be imported for quite some time after the original transaction. You can choose to have the order created date as the actual eBay time (GMT) or the exact time the order was imported to your store.

  • Timezone offset: eBay uses GMT for all its transactions. If you are not on the same timezone you can choose to offset the time (in hours) to match your zone. If you do not update the offset some orders may seem to import with tomorrows date.

  • Default address format: OpenCart allows you to set the display format of an address, based on the country. For example some countries may have the postcode/zip displayed before the town. Imported eBay orders will use this field and you can customise the display if you have a preference.

Notification Settings

  • Order updates: When an order changes status on eBay and the status change is repliacted to OpenCart, the administrator can choose to be notified about this change. Stores with many orders should disable this as you may receive a lot of emails and your email provider may start to mark your own emails as spam.

  • New order - buyer: You can choose to send the buyer an email when the order is imported to your store. This is great for promoting your store to buyers and driving traffic. You can modify your email template to include a voucher to increase your order conversions.

  • New order - admin: This is a text email that is sent to the administrator with the order information when the order is imported. If you have many orders you should disable this setting.

Default Import Settings

  • Import default status: Every order that is imported from eBay will start with this status. The status should be considered for orders that are not paid and not shipped.

  • Import paid status: This is the status that you use for orders that have been paid but not shipped.

  • Import shipped status: This is the status that you use for orders that have been paid and have also been shipped.

  • Import cancelled status: Use the cancelled status for orders that were cancelled but never paid.

  • Import refunded status: The refunded status is when the order has been cancelled and was once paid and now refunded.

  • IMPORTANT! You must use the order status’s above - if you use a status for an eBay order that is not set above, the status will be automatically changed when orders are next updated. It is not possible to use a status that is not listed above.


  • Empty all data: This will delete data in your store, do not use it. It is for development use only.

  • Repair item links: This will update your item links to ensure that only 1 active link exists with a product, you should not need to use this option unless advised by support staff.