OpenBay Pro

Managing themes

Adding a new template

Click the Add template button on the top right. Give your new template a name Below the name you can enter your HTML code. In your code you can include our custom tags – for a list of available tags click here Once you have entered your code click the save button on the top right.

Editing a template

Click the edit button next to any of the templates you want to edit. You can change the name and / or the html code. Once you have completed your changes press the save button. Updating a template does not change any of the templates that exist on listings already. The template changes will only show when you create a new listing using that template.

Deleting a template

Click the delete button next to the template that you would like to remove. Removing a template will not affect any listings that already use it.

Using a template with a profile (default settings when creating a new listing)

Navigate to OpenBay Pro > eBay > Profiles Either edit or create a new “template & gallery” profile. Under the template tab, choose the template that you would like to use for this profile. The list will contain all of your templates that have been created in the templates area. Press save. Now when you create a new listing with this profile it will set the theme for you automatically.