OpenBay Pro

Template testing tool

To help designers / developers create templates for OpenBay Pro - we created a template testing tool. This allows you test how your template will look when populated with your product data. There is no need to install OpenBay Pro to an OpenCart store and go through the listing process each time you want to test your design.

To access the tool, login or register for an account at and under the menu go to eBay > Template tester

If you have an eBay account registered to your account then the token and secret will be populated for you, if not then you will need to copy and paste them into these fields.

The gallery options allow you to change the default image sizes for the demo products. They will default to 400 x 400 pixels for the gallery and 100 x 100 pixels for the thumbnails. If you enter a different value in the input boxes then the images in the template will use your size.

Copy and paste your template code into the text area, this input will change colour and highlight your code making it easier to read and make minor changes if you need to. When you are ready to test press the Test button and wait for it to load.

If you get an error there will be a message displayed next to it, you must fix this error before you try again.

If your template renders ok then a green message will appear with the link to your html file. Click this link to see your template in action!