OpenBay Pro

Linking Products To Listings

If you have items in your eBay store and your OpenCart store then you will need to establish a link between the items.

Please check out this GIF tutorial for linking eBay items in V2.0

In the menu go to "Extensions > OpenBay Pro" and click edit on the eBay module.

Click on the Link Items icon, when the page loads click Load items button on the top right.

The first tab will show your unlinked items that are currently listed on your eBay store. These are the items that need your attention the most and should be linked.

To create a link with items you just need to find the product using the autocomplete field, once it appears in the dropdown – click it and the rest of the local store data will be loaded for you.

Now, when you click save eBay will be updated with your store’s stock level and a link has been created between the listing and the product.


If you are listing variant items (such as if you have the OpenStock module installed) then the names of your Options groups MUST be same as your Option group names on eBay. Your option values can be different though.

For example:

If you have two options called Size and Colour on your OpenCart store and on eBay the Options for the item you are linking to are Chest size and colour - then these are not the same. You must rename the Option groups in your OpenCart store to match your eBay options groups. They are also case sensitive!

This issue is due to restrictions on the eBay API and is NOT a bug our our platform. eBay will not allow a product option group name to be added/removed.