OpenBay Pro

Managing your eBay linked items

Once you have linked your eBay items to your OpenCart products you may want to check on the status of these links.

Higher subscription plans (more info on subscriptions here) will also email you a weekly stock report to ensure you are aware of the stock status's of your products.

The example below shows items with 3 different status's.

OK status means that the link is fine, the product is live on both systems and the stock matches.

Stock error means that the link is ok but there is a difference in the stock levels. To fix this you can just click re-sync and it will update to your store stock level. This error could be caused by an API error or if you updated your stock on eBay directly.

Listing ended means that the link is still set but the item it is linked to is no longer live. You can just remove this link. If the item has been relisted then it will appear in your unlinked items page.

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