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Your account section allows you to manage your OpenBay account, view your usage and update your subscription.

Understanding your usage: The usage on an eBay OpenBay Pro plan is made up of 3 elements; calls, item sales (orders) and listings. On the first part of the account page you will see a bar graph showing you your limits and usage. This gives you a visual view of how your account looks.

Your current plan: This will display the name, price and a short description of your current plan.

To view more information on the price plans see the link below:

Available subscriptions: We release new subscriptions all of the time to match with the latest promotions and new features. Subscriptions are needed if you sell more than about 3 items per week. If you run out of allowances on your plan then the account will send a warning 24 hours prior to suspending the account. You will need to upgrade your plan to the next level before its suspended.

Subscriptions are done through PayPal and can be cancelled at any time - we do not have a contract term. Once you have paid for a subscription it cannot be refunded as you will immediately start using the resources automatically.

Did you buy the wrong plan? We make exceptions for users who are new and buy the basic plan, then find out they need a higher plan. If you upgrade to the higher plan we will happily refund the previous plan cost for you as long as it is within 72 hours. To obtain a refund please raise a support ticket at our support site