OpenBay Pro

Return profiles

To view and create refund profiles go to:

OpenBay Pro > eBay > Profiles - here you can see all of your current profiles. Your default profile that is loaded automatically will be labeled with a [default] tag

Editing a profile

Find the profile you want to edit and click on the edit button.

Change the settings you would like to edit and click the save button.

Creating a profile

Select returns from the menu and click add profile.

Give the profile a unique description and name that will help you identify the settings. If you want this profile to be the default one tick the default box. Click the Returns tab Go through each option and choose your default options from the select boxes. Under the return policy describe your companies return policy. Please remember that your own country may have its own legal requirements on long distance selling. You should check your countries requirements. Click save

Deleting a profile

On the profile overview page find the profile you want to delete and click the delete button.

Confirm the pop up message.