OpenBay Pro

Installation Steps

Step 1. Installing vQmod

For information on installing vQmod please read the official website (available here)

You need VQmod for earlier versions of OpenCart - to have OpenBay Pro, so follow the instructions above to install this. If you have OpenCart 1.5.6+ OpenBay Pro is integrated already.

Step 2. Using FTP To Upload The Module

Most users should be familiar with FTP, you will have needed to upload your OpenCart store originally through FTP and your access details will be available from your hosting provider.

  • -Download the OpenBay Pro Module (available here).
  • -Extract the zip folder
  • -Use an FTP program like FileZilla (available for Mac and PC). You will need your server address, username and password to access your hosting FTP directory.
  • -Connect to your server and navigate to your OpenCart main directory (this contains your admin, catalog and system folders).
  • -Drag the contents of everything inside the "upload" folder to the OpenCart directory in your FTP program.
  • Step 3: Setting Your Permissions & Install

    Step Three: Setting Your Permissions & Install

    Now that your module files have been uploaded you will now need to modify the permissions for the administration user to install and setup the module.

  • Login to your OpenCart admin area.
  • Navigate to: System > Users > User Groups.
  • Click on the user that you want to modify (usually Top Administrator).
  • Tick the boxes that relate to OpenBay Pro in both Access Permissions and Modify Permissions.
  • Click Save.
  • Navigate to: Extensions > Modules (if you are using OpenCart 2.0 it is under Extensions > Feeds)
  • You will now see OpenBay Pro - click install.
  • After this you can find OpenBay Pro under Extensions > OpenBay Pro.
  • Step 4: Installing Your Marketplaces

    You now need to install the marketplaces you will be using.

    To do this, goto Extensions>OpenBay Pro> Dashboard.

    You can now see all 3 plugins listed, and the option to install each plugin.